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Excursion to the Greenhouse - Oru Farm

As part of the scientific programme, the participants are able to visit a running greenhouse outside Tallinn on 12 June  2019 at 15.15-18.00. There will a free bus transportation organised from Tallin to Oru farm and back.

A small introduction of the Oru Farm


Based 35kms from Tallinn in Estonia, Oru Farm OÜ was established in 2006 when we took over the rose growing business which had been here for 15 years. We continued growing and selling cut roses for 3 seasons but in 2008 we started growing herbs and lettuce. We decided to concentrate on the new business and created the brand name Hansa Herbs.


We aim to offer a healthy choice of high-quality herbs and lettuce in Estonia throughout the year. Our vision is the be the first choice for retail customers and for the restaurant and catering markets. To achieve that we endeavor to supply our customers with products that exceed their expectations, on time, every time. We also strive to create a  friendly working atmosphere for customers, suppliers and our co-workers.


In 2013 we built a new state of the art greenhouse in order to grow the healthiest products in the most environmentally possible way using the least inputs. We had an immediate improvement in quality and decrease in heating requirements. We keep the greenhouse clean to reduce the risk of disease and pests. When problems occur we do not use any chemical pesticides but instead, use natural products and biological predators which involves releasing good bugs to catch bad ones. We also recycle as much of our waste as possible and by continuously adopting sustainable, innovative practices we reduce our impact on the environment.