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Excursion to the Grüne Fee

As part of the scientific programme, the participants are able to visit a Grüne Fee outside Tartu on 12 June 2019 at 16.00-18.00. There will be a free bus transportation organised from Tartu to Grüne Fee and back.

A small introduction of the Grüne Fee

AS Grüne Fee Eesti (GFE) is a joint Estonian-Finnish company founded on June 30, 1993 on the grounds of the former Anne plant nursery of the Luunja state farm.

Company's core activity is the year-round cultivation of cucumbers, lettuces and herbs for the Estonian market. Local production means happy customers, as, according to specialists, locally grown food is simply the best choice for satisfying consumers’ energy and vitamin needs. However, Grüne Fee dosen’t leave their neighbours wanting either: what we export mainly goes to Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.

As Estonia’s largest producer in this field, they employ more than a hundred people. Over the years, company has been granted a number of awards and recognitions, thanks to which Grüne Fee products have earned a firm place in their customers’ hearts.


New technologies

Grüne Fee production process is characterised by the constant development and application of the latest scientific advancements.

GFE was the first enterprise in the Baltics to implement new technology which allows vegetables to be produced in greenhouses all year round thanks to additional lighting. This has increased company's crop yields and made fresh domestically grown vegetables available throughout the year.

To fight pests, Grüne Fee uses what is known as biological pest control, whereby plant pests are killed by predatory insects instead of chemicals.

Lettuces and herbs come in a small pot that contains the moisture required to ensure a longer shelf life for the plant.

Cucumbers are wrapped in plastic to help them last longer (up to 3 weeks at 10–12 °C). Plastic-wrapping of cucumbers is also important for food safety and hygiene in self-service stores.

Grüne Fee uses an automated production process with temperature control that is accurate to a tenth of a degree, and nutrient dosage control accurate to one milligram. Due to the unique technology they utilise, GFE is one of the largest consumers of electricity in southern Estonia. In 1997, rising energy consumption and energy prices drove the company to become the first producer of combined heat and power from natural gas in Estonia!