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Pre-conference tour

The pre-conference tour will take you to the Jaagumäe Agro OÜ and Aran Farming company. 

Date: 10 June 2019

Fee: 60€
Tour fee includes:

  • Full day programme to Jaagumäe Agro OÜ and Aran Farming company;
  • Local competent guides sharing field-related knowledge;
  • Comfortable transportation from conference hotels to farms and back;
  • Lunch and one coffee break;
  • Degustation of farm products on the spot

Pick up time and place: 9.00 at Dorpat hotel
Arrival to Tartu: 17:00 (the buses will take you back to the Dorpat hotel)

Tour program:

  • Excursion in Jaagumäe farm (vegetable production on open land)
  • Lunch: in Võru Foodcenter dining room, Koidula 7
  • Excursion with a guide in Taevaskoja
  • Excursion in Pärna farm (straw- and raspberry production under plastic tunnels)
  • Coffee break in Pärna farm


Jaagumäe farm

Jaagumäe Farm has operated for over 15 years and has much experience in catering, retail trade and wholesale. They are located in the centre of Võru City, address Koidula 7, where they have a spacious and modern food store, a culinary and production complex.

Long-term work experience makes them professionals and they guarantee the best quality to their customers.

Jaagumäe Farm offers versatile possibilities and services:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Reunions
  • Seminars
  • Company parties
  • Summer days
  • Public events
  • Wakes

Jaagumäe offers their goods at the Võru Food Centre, which is also called the Jaagumäe Centre. It is open Mon-Fri 9.00 am to 9.00 pm and Sat-Sun 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. 

Aran Farming

Thepicturesque South-Estonian landscape full of gently rolling hills, in Tartu County, Haaslava Municipality offers a home to one of Estonia's most innovative strawberry farms - AranFarming.

Paavo, the head of the farm, learned how to take care of strawberries in the UK where he worked for 10 years. He started as a strawberry picker and ended up being the leader of the biggest farms group in the UK. He also passed the "Fresh Produce" trainee management programme and learned how to run a company the best. In 2011, he wrote a thesis about strawberry production at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and since then he is dedicated to farming in Estonia.

The farm sells its berries all over Estonia - in big supermarkets, the Tallinn Central Market and a big part of the berries is exported to Finland.



The two Taevaskoda outcrops, on the banks of the ancient valley of the Ahja River, are one of the most frequently visited sites in southern Estonia. The sandstone outcrops and ancient river form the most beautiful part of the Ahja River Landscape Reserve.

Legends speak of caves and secret passageways and of demons and a mermaid with a golden comb. A walk from Saesaare dam to the outcrop at Small Heaven's Hall (Väike Taevaskoda), spring Emaläte, cave Neitsikoobas and the outcrop at Large Heaven's Hall (Suur Taevaskoda), which rises 22.5 metres above the river, is worth undertaking regardless of the season.

The beautiful and exciting natural setting attracts hikers – it is a place that every Estonian visits at least once in their life!