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Welcome note & contacts

Dear conference supporter,

On behalf of the organising committee, we would firstly like to express our gratitude for supporting Horticulture conference 2019. On this page, you will find useful information for carrying through your registration. For the registration form, please scroll below the page.

If there any questions you would like to address regarding sponsorship exhibition, you are very welcome to contact or +372 740 2440.

General information

The sponsor exhibition will be displayed on 11-12 June 2019 in Tartu Environmental Education Centre. 

Registration is based on the principle of “first come, first served”. There are three different sponsorship packages available - main sponsor, great sponsor and sponsor. For detailed information about the content of the prospectus, please click here

Please choose the preferred package of sponsorship from the sponsorship registration form. The places for the sponsorship are limited due to the space available and it could happen that two companies are simultaneously trying to book the same exhibition space. During the registration process, the system is constantly checking for any new information. As soon as someone submits their request for an exhibition spot, that particular spot will instantly appear as non-available to others. 

There may occur a case of when 2 people register for the same spot at the same time, our system might experience a delay in preventing others from choosing that particular spot and thus both receive letters of confirmation. In the unlikely event of this happening, the one whose registration has the earlier timestamp in our log gets priority.

If you did not manage to book the preferred sponsorship option, please contact and we will definitely find the best solution for you. 

The floor plan will be sent to the companie's representative noted on the registration form after 12 May 2019 when the main sponsor has chosen his location at the exhibition space. The final floor plan will be uploaded to this page by 20 May 2019. 

Sponsorship registration form

Company data:
Name of the company:*
Postal address:*As should be stated on the invoice.
Contact person full name:*
Phone number:*

Type of sponsorship package:
Please choose one the packages:*
The prices include 20% VAT.

Extra exhibition space request:
Standard exhibition space sizes are as following: Main sponsor - 9 m2; Great sponsor - 5 m2; Sponsor - 3 m2.
Ordering extra space will be priced in the sum of 300€/m2. Extra exhibition space is subject to availability, orders will be confirmed by the end of May 2019.
I request extra m2:Please insert the requested amount of m2 as a number. If you do not require additional exhibition space, please leave the field empty.

Registering extra representative:
Sponsorship packages include company representative passes as following: Main sponsor - 3 persons; Great sponsor - 2 persons; Sponsor - 1 person.
In case you need to have more representatives of your company to attend the conference, please choose the number of additional representatives from drop-down menu. If you dont´ know this information at the moment, you can order additional representative passes later with the same special price for exhibitors.
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Please note, when clicking "submit", the page will refresh itself and you need to scroll down to see the confirmation notice.
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